Jim spent 43 years as secretary to Michael Jarvis before continuing his role under Roger. He has been instrumental to the success of the stable and everyone here is delighted that his hardwork and loyalty has been rewarded.

Jim is more than just a secretary, he is a mentor, a friend and the ultimate professional. 

Jim said: "I am lucky to have worked for two very good trainers in Michael and Roger and I love what I do. I feel proud to have won this award and would like to thank Godolphin for their sponsorships and for putting on a great day."

Roger added: "Jim's contribution over the years has been monumental and I am delighted that he has gained recognition for his hard work."

Gay Jarvis, wife of Michael, who nominated Jim, said: "Michael always attributed much of his success over the years to Jim and I know Roger feels the same way. Jim is 100% reliable and trustworthy and those attributes alone are priceless."