During these months many of them are 'broken in' from scratch whilst others come in in various stages of the breaking in process.

There are many ways to 'break in' a thoroughbred with some people choosing to put a rider after a day or two whilst others spend more time on the 'groundwork'.

Here at Kremlin, our experienced team of yearling specialists spend a number of days on the ground work including lunging in out all-weather pits and also long-reigning around the yard and surrounding horsewalks. This enables the yearling to get used to having a saddle on and a bit in it's mouth.

Once they have accepted this phase it is time to introduce a rider. This is done in an enclosed stable and the rider will lean across the horse before putting his leg over.

This may take a while but once the horse has accepted the rider on it's back we head down to our covered ride where they will trot a few laps.

If they have passed all this with flying colours they are ready to join the rest of the 'string' and can be introduced to steady canters and the heath.

Most of our yearlings are now at this phase and it is exciting to see their progression over the recent weeks.

Excellent Art ex Tina Heights filly in the lunge pit

Clodovil ex Somoushe long reigning in the paddock